Strathroy Dairy Ltd


Quality Fresh Dairy Produce Since 1850

The Cunningham family have been producing and marketing quality fresh dairy produce from the Strathroy Dairy in Omagh since 1850.

We supply milk throughout Ireland offering our customers a choice of premium quality dairy products.

Strathroy Milk Fresh Dairy Produce


At Strathroy we source the best milk from a trusted network of local farmers to bring you quality products. Branded under Strathroy Dairy and Bainne úr Milk, our milk products include Full Fat, Semi-Skimmed, Skimmed, Ayrshires’ and Goats’ milk.

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Strathroy Buttermilk Fresh Dairy Produce


Strathroy Buttermilk is refreshingly full of taste and ideal for baking and drinking. Traditionally in the country during turf-cutting, haymaking and harvesting, drinking buttermilk provided energy, slaked the thirst and even cured a hangover! Girls washed their faces in it to improve their skin. Meanwhile their mothers and grandmothers used it in their baking.


Strathroy Butter Fresh Dairy Produce


Strathroy butter is made from the finest milk, sourced from our trusted network of dairy farmers. Our butter is made in Omagh to a traditional country recipe going back generations. Rich and creamy, Strathroy butter tastes the way butter is meant to taste. Try it, taste it, and spread the word!


Strathroy Cream Resealable Jar Fresh Dairy Produce


Strathroy Fresh Cream comes in resealable jars to keep the creamy freshness fresh to the final drop. Our fresh cream comes as Full, Half or Whipping Cream. So whether you want to pour, whisk, whip or dollup we have the fresh cream for you. Fresh cream fresh from the farm, free from any artificial flavours. So fresh you can taste it.The essence of Irish fresh dairy produce.